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Espresso | Single shot

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

For that recipe we are considering a medium roasting coffee and a 18 g basket.


18 g of dry coffee.

We emphasize the use of a digital scale.


Medium-fine grinding grade.

It is much better to grind the coffee right at the time of brewing it.


It is hard to determinate an ideal pressure for tamping, however we would suggest to press the coffee

in the basket by hand till you reach a solid surface, it is not required to force it too much.

Before tamping the coffee you could use a leveller in order to make sure the powder is uniform.

Water temperature

94 °C to 96 °C


30 g is the amount of liquid (coffee) you get in the cup.

The ratio is approximately 1:1,7.

Brew time

30 sec, it is okay to vary between 25 and 35 seconds.

If the liquid is brewing too fast, one should grind it finer.

If it is too slow, one should grind it coarser.

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