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Aeropress | Concetraded coffee | 1-2 cups

Updated: May 19, 2022

For that recipe we are considering a medium roasting coffee.


20 g of dry coffee.

We emphasize the use of a digital scale.


Medium-fine grinding grade.

It is much better to grind the coffee right at the time of brewing it.

Water temperature

88 °C to 90 °C


200 g is the amount of liquid (coffee) you get in the cup.

The ratio is approximately 1:10.

Brew time

1st Step: Pour 100 g of water and mix it by using a spoon, then wait 1 min.

2nd Step: Pour 120 g of water (the sum at this point is 220 g) and wait 2 min.

3rd Step: Press the movable part down in order to extract the coffee.

Total brewing time should be around 3 min.

220 g is the amount of water you will pour over the powder, which is

about 10% more than the desired amount of drink.

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