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Indulge in the rich and distinctive flavors of our exquisite coffee, "Dutra Farm." This exceptional blend, 100% Arabica (Red Catuai), thrives in the majestic mountains of Minas Gerais, reaching an elevation of 1200 meters.


With a symphony of bold flavors, featuring notes of dark chocolate, nuts, almonds, and a subtle hint of citrus fruits, this coffee promises an immersive and flavorful sensory experience. Its full-bodied and unique taste elevates the simple act of sipping coffee to an extraordinary level.


Discover the exclusive pleasure of savoring "Dutra Farm," a tradition that began in 1950 under the caring hands of the Dutra family.


Perfect for espresso machines, automatic coffee makers, and the classic moka pot, this exceptional coffee is bound to captivate not only you but also your family and friends. Get ready to fall in love with every sip!


Content: Whole beans (ground upon request)


Weight: 500g

Dutra farm | 500g

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